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Switching form Landing page to Chat pagep

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What is BOTCHAN for LP ?

Facebook ads package would help promote Landing Page via chat therefore we could draw attention from customers in order to get to know more about our product.

When a customer clicks on ads via facebook, the "Messenger" window will pop up. While using LP chat, any question related to your product/service will be responded to immediately in form of text message."CHATBOT for LP " intergrates both Facebook Messenger ads and Landing page chat feature.

Have yoy encountered these problems?


  • Advertisement in Landing page has relatively high bounce rates ,
    low conversion rates...

  • Even with retargeting ads, the sales is still low...

  • Customers do not understand the product...

  • Unsatisfied with the current advertising system...

We could bring these following benefits to you


  • Our chat feature is designed to be extremely user friendly, we could reduce the bounce rates as well as improve the conversion rates by consistently promoting your product to the customers via chat features.

  • By attracting customers to use Landing Page, we would be able to access more customer data so then we could reach more potential customers and increase the successful order rate.

  • The chat feature will form a two-way communication between business and customers, customer will have a better understanding of the product which helps the business to reach closer to their ultimate goal - growing a bigger customer base.

  • Unlike the conventional advertisment, BOTCHAN offers the opportunity for business to approach so much more customers.

Flow of use


CHATBOT features fo LP

Implement both of the strengths of the advertising agency and
Embot For LP to enhance advertising activities

Iimplement advertising
agency's experience to run ads
more effectively

Thanks to many years of experience in providing advertising service, we have successfully gathered masses valuable data. We believe we could bring you the best marketing solution by using Facebook ads.

Implement advertising
agency's experience to create
the Landing page's script

The LP conversation is set up in line with the procedure of “attract customers” to “customer service” to reduce abandonment Rate and improve CVR..


Contact Chatbot via
Facebook ads

Facebook link ads is connected directly to Chatbot which allows Chatbot to draw more customers attention in a new and more advanced approach.

Data AnalysisPDCA cycle

Collect and analyze
customer data

Our system collects users’ information and conversation history data to improve the advertisement quality as well as advance Chatbot LP features.

Smart DevicePush Notification

Find potential customer by using Push notifications feature

Using Facebook Push Notification feature to reach more potential customers.

Want to experience

Experience LINE

Flow of service use



Our staffs will be happy to assist you through any of the processes to have abetter understanding of our product.



We support on analysing how to run ads, create Chatbot LPs, market research.


Connect SNS account

We will support you in connectiong CHATBOT to your Facebook or LINE account.


Create Landing page and
set up advertisement

Based on your requirements, we will proceed on putting up the appropriate chatbot LP and advertisement.


Start using

We will create the demo version of chatbot LP for you for a trial. After that, you can decide whether to use this LP to set up the advertisement.